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Here are a series of Stock Photo Websites - some royalty-free - some free - some not.

Royalty Free Images:

Royalty free packages, collections, images or photos are not public domain. The creator retains copyright and all terms of usage must be followed when using these royalty free packages, collections, images, photos, music, etc.


Free Images

• Every Stock Photo:

• Free Stock Photos:

• Stock Exchange:

• Stock Vault:


Quality Houses ($)

• Corbis:|745135506&gclid=CIGIktK4oJkCFQ0NDQodIhXbpA

• Creatas Images (videos):

• Fotosearch Images:

• Getty Images:

• Flickr - (here sometimes photos are free to download):

• InMagine:

• IStock Photo:

• Shutter Stock:


Jupiter House ($)


• Able Stock (Jupiter Images):
• Banana Stock (Jupiter Images):
• Brand X Pictures (Jupiter Images):
• Liquid Library (Jupiter Images):

• (Jupiter Images):

• Stock Xpert (Jupiter Images):

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December 30, 2009